Direct Care Services  

We provide in-person and remote services in any geographical location. In addition, RD can provide operational assistance and direct hires in the following disciplines: Case Management, Behavioral Health, Medical Care, Education, and Youth Care / Line of Sight Supervision.

Youth Care / Line of Sight Supervision

Responsive Deployment has a team of trained, experienced professionals dedicated to providing innovative approaches for direct care and understanding the intricacies of a child-care operation. Our team utilizes empathetic interactions with the children served to foster a healthy relationship that extends into positive community integration.

Our Youth Care Services Model is built on a strong theoretical framework that is:

Case Management and Behavioral Health

Responsive Deployment (RD) has the capacity to provide trained professionals in Case Management and Behavioral Health Services. Understanding the environment and current industry demands, we are equipped to provide remote and hybrid services.

Our Case Management model provides the following:

The Behavioral Health model provides the following:

Academic Educational Services

Our Bright Future (“Nuestro Brillante Futuro”) Curriculum is a comprehensive, full-service educational program for learners (ages 10-17) and educators. The program includes a diagnostic assessment that connects the learner to their appropriate academic level, which creates lifelong learning. The material was designed to exceed unaccompanied children (UC) requirements under the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s (ORR) care. Please feel free to reach out today to get a sample of our curriculum and find out how simple this program is to implement within your shelters.