What we do

RD’s deep understanding of regulatory requirements and commitment to excellence ensure seamless execution of government contracts from inception to completion. By consistently meeting and exceeding stringent vetting criteria, we manage large-scale projects efficiently and deliver exceptional results. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that every project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality and safety.


Engineering, Procurement
& Construction

At RD, we professionalize in Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) services, offering a comprehensive solution for your construction project needs.


Our expertise in regulatory requirements and dedication to excellence ensures seamless government contracting projects, delivering high-quality and efficient solutions as a trusted public sector partner.

Large Format
Man Camps

RD specializes in delivering high-quality Large Format Man Camps using innovative fabrication methods such as Light Gauge Steel (LGS), Flat Pack, FRAMECAD, and Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB).

Distaster Relief

Responsive Deployment delivers rapid disaster relief services, leveraging extensive experience to support communities and organizations in recovery efforts following natural or man-made disasters.

Facility Management

Comprehensive facility management services by Responsive Deployment ensure optimal operational performance, maintenance, and management of facilities, enhancing productivity and sustainability.

Global Logistics

Responsive Deployment provides global logistics solutions, facilitating seamless supply chain management and efficient movement of goods to support business operations and international trade.


Responsive Deployment specializes in providing skilled staffing solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients, ensuring the right personnel are in place to support project success and operational continuity.


Offering expert guidance in infrastructure and project management, Responsive Deployment provides tailored consulting services to enhance operational efficiency and strategic planning for businesses worldwide.

Program Management

Expert program management services offered by Responsive Deployment cover the full project lifecycle, from planning and execution to monitoring and completion, ensuring projects meet their goals efficiently.

Responsive Solutions

Responsive Deployment offers rapid and adaptive solutions for crisis response. We provide essential infrastructure, logistics, and support services tailored to meet the unique challenges of any situation, ensuring timely and effective delivery of aid and resources to those in need.

Austere Medical Care

Our Austere Medical Care services deliver comprehensive healthcare solutions in remote and challenging environments. We supply fully equipped medical units, skilled personnel, and essential supplies, ensuring high-quality medical care is accessible, regardless of location or conditions.

Education & Training

We provide specialized education and training programs designed to equip personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective deployment. Our courses cover a wide range of topics, from crisis management to technical skills, ensuring readiness for any situation.

Mobile Assets

Responsive Deployment offers a fleet of mobile assets to support various operations. Our assets include mobile clinics, command centers, and shelters, all designed to be rapidly deployed and fully operational in diverse and challenging environments.